• Shuffle Feature Concept

    By Alpha Barry

    The problem

    You're home for work, and you're exhausted. You've decided to kick back and relax with the help of Netflix. You log in through you browser and are in the mood for something new. So you start browsing. Except 30 minutes later, you still haven't found that new, new thing. Ultimately you decide to fire up House of Cards again because, what the hell, you know what to expect. All Netflix users know this experience, especially if you watch with your family.


    I'm not the only one who has noticed this issue. Several publications have reported that users spend on average 19 minutes a day browsing for something to watch. While that may not seem like a lot, when you extrapolate that over a lifetime, it amounts to almost 300 days.

    Exhibit B

    The survey of 2,000 Americans, conducted by the makers of Reelgood, an app that suggests what to watch based on the movies you like, also found that Netflix users browse for 196 percent longer than cable subscribers, who typically take 9.1 minutes to figure out what to watch.

    Exhibit C

    The data shows that Netflix users, on average, watch 3.2 programs per day, suggesting that, unless you have a list of shows already queued up, you're spending upwards of 57 minutes a day searching

  • Solution

    What if, instead of spending hours browsing, you could just hit a button and start watching. Like the shuffle function on your music playlist, Netflix shuffle allows you to simply choose a playlist (curated based on your interests), and hit play. If you don't like something, just hit next.

  • Shuffle

    Hit "shuffle" to get started.

    Just hit play and kick back.

    Hit the playlist button on the top to see what's shuffling

    Not feeling it? Just hit next

  • Conclusion

    Not only does this solution expedite the viewing process, it can also lead to users expanding their taste palette as content lovers. Netflix is a great product with tons of content that is still waiting to be explored. The shuffle feature could be a way for Netflix to not only show users what they want to see, but also perhaps something they didn't know they might like.

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